Is the survey anonymous? 
The survey is completely anonymous. The email address you sign up with for the interviews is not at all connected to your answers on the survey.

Can I quit the survey while taking it?
You can quit the survey at any time if you don’t want to participate after all.

Can I pause the survey and finish it later?
You are able to pause the survey and pick up where you left off.

What happens to my answers? 
Your answers will be handled entirely confidentially. It is not possible to trace the answers back to individual respondents. Answers from this survey will be used to gain information about the sexuality of students.

I would like to receive the research results.
The research results will be available after the summer of 2016. If you fill in your email address above with the subject ‘I would like to receive research results’, we will send you an email.

Who is doing the research? 
We are a research team from the University of Amsterdam from the department of Sociology. Our team consists of the lecturers Stephanie Steinmetz and Marie-Louise Janssen and research students Eloise Gaddess, Naomi Grant, Marleen Veninga, Lizzie Connolly and Carolien Saathof.